10 Best Video Games Shown Off At E3

10 Best Video Games Shown Off At E3 The colossal convention E3 is upon us and this is definitely the most exciting part of the year for gamers out there. E3 2018 has been filled with new statements, trailers, and reveals. There are several excellent games that it’s easy to lose out on an important name from the event.

We have put together a listing of the most exciting games that were shown or shown-off this past week! Keep in mind, the order of these games is arbitrary and the figures don’t mean its ranking.

List of 10 Best Video Games Shown Off At E3:

1. Fallout 76: 

The 10 Best Video Games Shown Off At E3 This Year & We Are Excited AF

‘Fallout 76′ was first revealed before E3, however, Bethesda finally rolled out some solid details during its event — it’s now confirmed that the game is only multi-player and online centric.

It’s a prequel to the other games from the’Fallout’ Series in which the player is cast as one of the first lands of the retro-future atomic apocalypse. The map is four times the magnitude of’Fallout 4′, and it is all left with new terrain technology which should allow for more diverse and intriguing environs.

2. Last of Us Part II: 

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It’s been five decades since the initial iteration of this video game was released and it was famous for its storytelling and tense action. The trailer of the new game perfectly shows Ellie (one of the principal protagonists) in a party with friends one moment, and quietly carrying out bandits the second. The animation has improved leaps and bounds as well as the physics engine was severely cranked to churn out striking new manoeuvres like dodge mechanic, or utilizing foliage for cover and bodies as a defense.

3. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

10 Best Video Games Shown Off At E3

This game is already leaked on multiple events in the past few months, but it’s finally made an official debut at Ubisoft’s E3 2018 media conference. The franchise is sticking to ancient times, moving from Egypt to Greece this time around. A lot of new RPG elements have been added like choosable characters, love options, and a branching narrative. The video game is scheduled to arrive in October.

4. Wolfenstein: Youngblood:

10 Best Video Games Shown Off At E3

Following ‘Wolfenstein: ‘ The New Order’ and ‘Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus’ that video game is back and you’ll find way more Nazis to kill. Series protagonist BJ Blazkowicz is being succeeded by his daughters Jess and Soph since they search for their father in Paris. There isn’t a lot of detail available right now but the game is expected to be launched in 2019 and is suitable for playing on both, single as well as multiplayer mode.

5. Ghosts on Tsushima:

10 Best Video Games Shown Off At E3

The protagonist, Jin, is alive during the invasion of Japan from the Mongols and faces a number of those marauders as they terrorize the locals. The developer, Sucker Punch, has shown Japanese combat systems including a Katana. The gameplay also boasts some of stealth gameplay too, together with an AI system in place as you struggle with your ally to secure the objective. The trailer reveals Jin infiltrating a temple, with some suitably exciting swordplay.

6. Spider Man: 

10 Best Video Games Shown Off At E3

Insomniac Games has attracted everything you would want from a superhero video game — all the main characters, a completely open NYC map, an array of powers and ample offense to combat. The best thing about this video game is it is based on the initial narrative from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The video game is scheduled to launch on 7th of September this year.

7. Division 2: 

10 Best Video Games Shown Off At E3

This video game is located in Washington DC where a”dollar influenza” was able to wipe out nearly all of the city and different parts of the country. This is when the Division arrives. In the beginning, you’ll have to make your way to the affected region and keep hostile factions in check. The game will be available in March 2019 followed closely by three free DLC episodes coming out from the year to keep gamers coming back for more.

8. Resident Evil 2 Remake: 

10 Best Video Games Shown Off At E3

It has been 20 decades, but”Resident Evil 2′ is finally getting a remake on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The remake of’Resident Evil 2′ will exchange the fixed cameras of the original video game to get a third-person over-the-shoulder view, very similar to newer’Resident Evil’ games. Players will still be able to play as both Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy, as they research a zombie-infested Raccoon City. We don’t know how much of this original video game will be retained. The game will be available from 29 January 2019.

9. Gears 5: 

10 Best Video Games Shown Off At E3

The next instalment in the’Gears of War’ franchise is forthcoming next year. There’s also a PC plan and mobile game on the way to get a franchise that has been dormant and ignored for a couple of decades. The gameplay shows off some new enemies and odd new melee weapons for players to wield along with their massive guns. It’ll have support for 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR, and will operate at 60 frames per second. Like most of first-party Xbox games,’Gears 5′ will be available on either the Xbox One and Windows 10 as it does launch next year.

10. Doom Eternal:

10 Best Video Games Shown Off At E3

The last installment of’Doom’ came out in 2016 and it was a raging success. In the end of’Doom’, the Doom Slayer was banished back into Hell by Samuel Hayden, a cyborg with a dull name. The new video game mostly occurs following the betrayal and also takes the storyline forward. A brief teaser YouTube reveals a destroyed city, rife with the distinct demons of”DOOM,” before the rage-filled supersoldier from the previous video game appears.

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