Best Fitness Bands

On account of the quick headways that have occurred in the realm of innovation, wellness groups have turned into the new standard. When thought to be to some degree an oddity, they are gradually (yet most likely) ending up increasingly standard. In that capacity, in case you’re to some degree a wellness crack, owning a wellness band ends up basic. However, most wellness groups have a tendency to be somewhat exorbitant – and in the event that they’re not expensive, they have a tendency to need in highlights. Well not any longer, as here are 7 of the Best Fitness Bands under Rs. 2000 that will enable you to remain fit as a fiddle without making you broke.

List of Best Fitness Bands

1. Mi Band 2 

Best Fitness Bands

Outfitted with a pulse screen, a rest tracker and a stage screen, this wellness band from Mi is a quite decent choice for those searching for a financial plan inviting variation. Additionally including an OLED splendid show, water opposition, Bluetooth 4.0 and gravity sensors to recognize development, you’d be delinquent to pass up this moderate wellness tracker.

MRP: Rs 1,799

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2. GOQii Fitness Tracker 

Best Fitness Bands

This wellness tracker from GOQii is a standout amongst other wellness trackers under Rs 2000 that you could get your hands on. Furnished with an expansive OLED show, Bluetooth 4.0, up to seven long periods of battery life, a pulse screen and a calorie tracker, it’s a flat out take at a unimportant Rs 1,699.

MRP: Rs 1,699

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3.Boltt Fit Fitness Tracker

Best Fitness Bands

This Fit wellness tracker from Boltt offers maybe the most incentive for cash of any of the wellness groups specified on this rundown. Highlighting a calorie, separation and step tracker, inbuilt rest recognition abilities, a practical bionic plan and availability to the Boltt Health application, it’s made of skin-accommodating materials that influences it to sweat verification too.

MRP: Rs 1,199

4. Lifesense Mambo Fitness Band 

Best Fitness Bands

Including a pedometer and rest checking usefulness, this wellness band from Lifesense – which likewise happens to be waterproof – makes for an extraordinary spending buy. As it comes outfitted with worked in coordinate charge usefulness from a USB port, there is no explanation behind you to convey those irritating USB links around. What’s more, the good to beat all? It accompanies 2 long periods of guarantee too!

MRP: Rs 1,395

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5. JSB Cardio Max Fitness Band

Best Fitness Bands

A kickass OLED show? Check! A movement tracker? Check! A pulse screen? Check! Coordinate USB charging? Check! A rest screen? Check! Also, one year of guarantee too? Check, check and check! This Cardio Max wellness band from JSB is a flat out all-rounder and worth each and every penny you spend on it.

MRP: Rs 1,799

6. Boltt Fit Fitness Tracker Band

Best Fitness Bands

Maybe the most interesting thing about this wellness band from Boltt is the way that you can really cut it to your shoe at whatever point you’re working out – making it an easy instrument for keeping tabs on your development. Highlighting a pulse screen, step tracker and a battery life that can last up to a half year, at a simple Rs 1,899 this makes for an extraordinary arrangement!

MRP: Rs 1,899

7. Mi Band – HRX Edition 

Best Fitness Bands

At long last, we have the HRX version of the Mi band. Made of a snappy aluminum amalgam, and including water safe, Bluetooth 4.0 and a 0.42″ OLED show, this is – once more – another kickass give you could decide on.

MRP: Rs 1,299

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