How To Enable The UWP File Explorer On Windows 10

Microsoft seems to be more centered on improving the background File Explorer however, also the applications manufacturer is softly testing UWP File Explorer for Windows 10. The UWP File Explorer continues to be thought to be developed and it has advised to launch Windows Core OS.

UWP File Explorer isn’t directly designed for users however there is a simple method to allow the current file manager onto Windows 10. Without further ado, here is How To Enable The UWP File Explorer On Windows 10.

How To Enable The UWP File Explorer On Windows 10

  • Right-click the desktop and create a new shortcut.
  • In “Create shortcut” wizard, enter the following part in the location box:
  • explorer shell:AppsFolder\c5e2524a-ea46-4f67-841f-6a9465d9d515_cw5n1h2txyewy!App
  • Click Next and name the shortcut as UWP File Explorer.
  • Click finish to complete creation of new shortcut that basically gives you access to the modern file manager

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Now you can double-click the shortcut to establish the UWP File Explorer that features a modern look. You’ll notice that the file manager includes a more mobile-friendly interface also it’s also touch-friendly by virtue of the massive folder icons along with new toolbar located at the top-right corner.

How To Enable The UWP File Explorer On Windows 10

The UWP File Explorer lacks lots of features plus it’s not even close to the kind of the desktop File Explorer however, the company is working on major developments and some new features have been recently added together with Redstone 5 update. It’s worth noting the Universal File explorer isn’t assumed to replace the current file manager in Windows-10 also it’ll arrive with the rumoured Windows Core OS.

Even the UWP adaptation of the File Explorer is not ready just yet and also the existing implementation is still a work in progress. Microsoft remains growing the record manager and it needs to be released next year with all the company’s modular operating system.

Windows Core OS, the modular version of Windows-10 is arriving next year and it will induce the dual-screen Andromeda mobile apparatus.

The modern file manager is already available on Windows 10 cellular devices with similar look and features. It was seen if Microsoft makes the brand new File Explorer designed for everyone, however in the mean time you can enable it in your device if you are interested. Make comments and give your review for How To Enable The UWP File Explorer On Windows 10


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