Andromeda O.S

Although it is unknown at the moment if the Microsoft Surface Phone could ever see the light of day, the Andromeda O.S giant is by no means completed with all the mobile scene.

So far, it has been theorized the mythical phone will take the form of a foldable apparatus and that an operating system named Andromeda is being developed specially for this design.

A couple of weeks ago, it was discovered that Microsoft has included a new platform class on the Microsoft Store the company seems to be experimenting with. Rather than having distinct versions of Windows 10 which are based on precisely the exact same core elements, but are different — such as desktop Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, or Windows 10 IoT Core — the thought is just to have one version of their OS consisting of elements that are totally modular.

Andromeda OS

In accordance with Windows Central, we can expect the first incarnation of Andromeda OS to be focused on mobile devices initially, such as tablets and phones, and perhaps even wearables, and it is expected to be prepared at some point next year.

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Adding over the fire, the programs allegedly designed for the Surface Telephone showed up in the Microsoft Store designated as”Windows-8828080″ tag. The same tag which has been connected with the Surface Phone and with Job Andromeda, on several occasions, has emerged as a distinct device class from the Microsoft Store.

Concerning specs and features, the Surface Telephone is supposed to match with an OLED display. The device might also arrive with dual-lens camera technologies. Not many details are known regarding the camera now. On the connectivity front, it might come with a USB-C Type connector.

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Andromeda O.S

In accordance with the newly found patents, the unnamed device will probably utilize a particular hinge to enable the machine to change from one layout to another. The patent document is titled”User Input Peripheral.” The item in question doubles as a mobile dock with built-in speakers and mic and a Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP speaker for the PC.

Google also had a job which went under the codename of Andromeda that we heard had been shelved back at the summer — and it was the company’s big concept to merge Android and Chrome OS. It has apparently been dropped in favour of its spiritual successor, Project Fuchsia. Make comments and give reviews for Andromeda O.S


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