Contra Return

‘Contra’ can be a icon of gambling at the late 80s and 90s, together with a lot of glorious hours hunched over it screen shooting enemy aliens and soldiers.

Alas, the video game has never seen an productive reboot as, even though it would appear which can be going to improve.

Contra Return

The Philippines arm of gaming platform Garena has just teased a new ‘Contra Return’ title on Facebook, through a newly created page on the social network. Created on August 27, the brief captions and photos displayed speak about an upcoming pre-registration for both Android and iOS users within the upcoming few days.

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The brand name is being used as a resurrection of the classic video game published by Konami online arcade machines in 1987. The game migrated to consoles like the NES and Famicom, as well as other consoles since bootleg copies. Now, you’ll find a number of adaptations of the game for smartphones, even though none really live up to the original. In actuality, short of an emulator and an illegal ROM backup of the video game, you are not planning to find the real taste.

As an ‘Contra Return’ however, Chinese video game along with internet giant tencent partnered with Konami to produce a version variation of the game for smartphones in the Oriental market back in June this past year. It eventually made its way into Taiwan from 2018, though a Philippines release now may signify a western version will make its strategy into the rest of the world soon.

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Contra Returns

The game will maintain the first’s side-scrolling shoot-em-up nature, but also with updated 3D graphics to bring it into the modern age. Also new are the progression mechanic, which enables you to unlock new characters to play as you progress throughout this game. Moreover, it will also provide the inevitable microtransactions to let players purchase characters, guns, costumes, as well as other upgrades. Unfortunately, it’ll also have the dreaded stamina system which compels one to await a recharge after playing a couple degrees, or forcibly recharge it with some cash.

What could possibly be exciting is, aside from the pre-existing story mode, a multiplayer versus mode (PvP) that lets you pit your skills against an individual opponent.


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