WhatsApp Messenger is without a doubt the most well known informing application on the planet. The organization has been including new updates occasionally, to ensure that it stays at the highest point of the slope. WhatsApp has gotten enormous energy in creating markets like India and it’s anything but difficult to utilize the interface further, gives an edge when contrasted with confounding IMs like BBM or Skype.

There are numerous reasons why somebody would need to locate a contrasting option to WhatsApp however. Since its securing, WhatsApp currently shares client information with Facebook, which hasn’t run down too well with clients. Months after Instagram was gathered up by Zuckerberg, advertisements were executed inside the administration, yet they’re elegantly done and not in any way meddling. And still, at the end of the day, that doesn’t mean Facebook will give WhatsApp a similar treatment

List of Top Whatsapp Alternative:

1. Telegram

Top Whatsapp Alternative

Telegram is perhaps the most deserving choice to whats app. To begin with, it essentially has similar characteristics including voice and media messages, even a mobile number-based login system, stickers, emojis, chatbots, categories, channels and so much more. Together with those cool features, Telegram isn’t merely a cell program.

That’s correct, you may utilize Telegram on Windows, Mac and Linux with their desktop app. Instead, Telegram has a internet chat application for all your messaging needs. Best of all, Telegram supports end to end encryption and respects your privacy.

Along side the typical messaging features both WhatsApp along with Telegram pack, the latter is different from the former with features like supergroups up to 5,000 people, public channels, user names , ability to talk about files of up to 1.5 GB, pass code lock along with self destructing messages.

2. Google Allo: 

Top Whatsapp Alternative

Allo is really a relatively new messaging app from Google and whilst it’s not made much of a consequence, it’s still a viable WhatsApp alternative. You may use Assistant to get information on weather, flights, news, nearby places, or whatever you want. You can also use it to put alerts, reminders, browse to places, play games and more.

Besides Google Assistant, Allo brings Smart Replies, Incognito Chats with end to end encryption along with selfdestructing messages, stickers etc..

The most important feature that Allo lacks is the ability to replicate conversations, which is a shame, considering WhatsApp lets you backup talks on Google-Drive or even iCloud. Allo additionally lacks the capability to generate audio or media calls, last seen, statuses as well as the means to share files.

3. Hike Messenger: 

Top Whatsapp Alternative

Hike messaging program from January this year asserted to have spanned 100 million-users mark in India. The app is designed for smartphones running Android, iOS along with Windows Phone. Hike also has the capability to send money via UPI from India. Apart from the fundamentals, there’s not much that Hike can offer. The UI is very childish and feels littered.

It trumps WhatsApp, courtesy its Offline chat facility, better sticker assortment, concealed chat feature, and free messaging to non-Hike members.

4. Viber: 

Top Whatsapp Alternative

Viber is another well known informing and VoIP application that truly stands toe-to-toe with WhatsApp with regards to highlights. Right off the bat, the application offers end-to-end encryption in calls, messages and the mutual media.

Viber gives you a chance to make video and voice calls however the application proceeds venture ahead with its Viber Out component, which gives you a chance to make worldwide calls to non-Viber clients at ostensible rates.

BONUS – Text SMS / iMessage: 

SMS still stays a standout amongst the most dependable methods for sending crosswise over straightforward Text. There are not really any charges for SMS in India and keeping in mind that there is a top of 100 messages for each day as indicated by TRAI under Fair Usage Policy, it’s very worth giving it a shot! For the Apple clients, iMessage completes everything when packaged alongside FaceTime. iOS 11 has likewise included a ton of new usefulness for sharing information. Make comments and give your reviews for Top Whatsapp Alternative




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